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AY Words

AY-WordsThe combination of both an “a” and “y” can result in a long a sound. The vowel team rule states that when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. As a result, the first vowel says its name and the second vowel is silent. Our elementary school’s spelling program incorporates AY words.

List of -AY Words

The table below contains a list of -AY words.

bay quay play
day ray pray
gay say slay
hay way spray
jay bray stay
lay clay stray
may fray sway
nay gray tray
pay okay x-ray

-AY Words Worksheets

We offer five FREE -ay words worksheets to help your child practice each word.

Worksheets -AY Words
AY Worksheet 1 bay, ray, day, say & okay
AY worksheet 2 hay, jay, may, lay, way & pay
AY worksheet 3 spray, gray, stray, pray & tray
AY worksheet 4 clay, play, sway, stay & x-ray
AY worksheet 5 gay, nay, quay, bray & fray

Source: Fry, E.B., Ph.D. & Kress, J.E., Ed.D. (2006). The Reading
Teacher’s Book of Lists 5th Edition.
San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass

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