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5th Grade Spelling Words – Exploration

Our 5th grade spelling program consists of fifteen spelling words from the following three categories: personal words, content words and exploration words.

The personal words will be unique to each student; they are a student’s misspelled words. The content words are chosen from an elected subject, e.g., science and social studies, and the exploration words emphasize how words are written, e.g., suffixes and prefixes.

5th Grade Spelling Words List – Exploration

These 5th grade spelling words contain either a prefix or suffix: -fore, -inter, -ous, bio-, -ology, -ize, mono- and multi-.

Exploration Words
Prefix / Suffix
1forecastfore-to predict something in the future
1foreheadfore-the part of the face above the eyes
1foreshadowfore-to give a hint of beforehand
1foreseefore-to see or know about before hand
1foresightfore-the ability to see what will or might happen in the future
2intercedeinter-to help settle differences between individuals or groups
2interactinter-to do things with other people
2interstateinter-existing or occurring between two or more states
2internetinter-a communication system that connects computers and database all over the world
2interviewinter-to question and talk with; to get information
3dangerousinter-not being protected from harm; may cause injury or harm
3joyous-ousfeeling of pleasure or happiness
3wondrous-oussomething extraordinary or causing marvel; marvelous
3curious-ouseager to learn; inquisitive
3humorous-ousamusing or full of humor: funny
4biographybio-a story about a person's life
4biodegradablebio-a material that can be decomposed by living organisms
4biologybio-the study of life
4biohazardbio-a material containing germs or other living things that can be harmful to humans or the environment
4autobiographybio-a story about a person's life, written by that person
5criminology-ologythe study of crime and criminal behavior
5mythology-ologythe study of ancient myths
5ecology-ologythe study of organisms and their environment
5geology-ologythe study of the earth, e.g., rocks and minerals
5meteorology-ologythe study of weather and weather forecasting
6realize-izeto become aware of: understanding; when an idea is understood or becomes real
6socialize-izeto enjoy other people or animals; when a person or animal becomes able to participate in society
6materialize-izerelating to or consisting of matter; when something that is not real becomes a material or physical object
6fantasize-izeto create or develop imaginative views or ideas; when a fantasy becomes real in someone's mind
6compromise-izean agreement over a dispute reached by each side changing or giving up some demand; both sides give a little
7monotonemono-a sound that has only one tone, one tone of voice when speaking
7monorailmono-a railway system using on one rail
7monologuemono-a long speech or performance by a single person
7multiculturalmulti-being influenced by many cultures
7multimediamulti-information delivered through multiple sources of media, e.g., radio, television and internet
7multipurposemulti-having more than one purpose
7monopolymono-a business or service that is controlled by one company or person

Our school alternates between vocabulary and spelling words every week; tests are administered every Friday. For a list of vocabulary words, please visit our 5th grade words words section.

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