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Kindergarten Sight Words – in Alphabetical Order

Sight words are those words commonly found in print; they typically represent half of all printed material. Automatically recognizing a sight word helps a child with both reading and writing.

The kindergarten sight words presented below are categorized into four groups. Mastering the sight words on the first list is the goal. However, many children master these words quickly. Proceeds with the other lists as needed.

Kindergarten Sight Words – List 1

a come is my this
am go it on to
and here like said up
at I look see we
can in me the you

Kindergarten Sight Words – List 2

are from little out went
big going no run where
by have not she will
down he of they with
for his one was yes

Kindergarten Sight Words – List 3

after because eat make want
again came first saw what
all could get so when
an did has then who
away do her there why

Kindergarten Sight Words – List 4

about him now over them
be if off saw those
been into only some very
but just or that would
had made our their your

There are many lists of sight words circulating today. Most of these lists will have many words in common. Contact your school district to obtain your school’s sight word list or use the ones above to help your child obtain a sight word vocabulary.

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