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First Grade Sight Words

First Grade Sight Words

– in no particular order

Interestingly, when both of my children approached first grade, the term sight words seemed to vanish. Instead, these high frequency words were referred to as wall words. These words were prominently displayed on the wall in both of my children’s first grade classrooms. By the end of first grade, many children have obtained a sight word vocabulary; they can automatically recognize high frequency words by sight. In other words, they do not need to sound out these words when reading. This is actually an important first-grade milestone.

First Grade Sight Words

Use these sight words, to help your child obtain a sight word vocabulary.

the of a to is
you was on are they
I have from one word
what all were when your
said there do their other
about many some would look
two more could people my
water been who find long
come only work know year
give most very our good
great where through right too
any want also around put
does another large even because
here move kind again change
off air away mother answer
learn should world high every
near school father earth eye
light thought head saw don’t
along might something always both
often night walk four carry

Source: © 2005 Montgomery County Public Schools, MD


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