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3rd Grade Sight Words

In third grade, these words are called wall words. Sometimes they are prominently displayed (preferably at a child’s eye level) on the wall for a student to reference. My daughter’s third grade teacher gave each student this word wall list to use as a reference. By the end of third grade, a student should be able to read these words fluently and spell them correctly.

Third Grade Sight Words

afraid especially loveable they’re
almost everybody money think
also everything morning thought
always except myself threw
animals exciting never through
another even night told
anyone finally once too
asked friendly outside trouble
away general own unhappiness
become getting person united
believe goes prettier until
better hard prettiest upon
build heard probably vacation
buy high problem want
by hidden question watch
care hole ready wasn’t
caught hopeless recycle wear
clothes I’m responsibilities weather
couldn’t important shouldn’t we’re
community impossible something were
confusion independent sometimes whether
country it’s sudden which
decided its sure while
different journal terrible whole
discover knew that’s winner
does know their wouldn’t
doesn’t laughed there years
done left these your
enough live they you’re

Source: Handout Rachel Carson Elementary School (2012-2013)

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