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Sight Word Games – Sudoku (Like)

Playing word games are great exercises that assist a child when developing a sight word vocabulary. Sudoku forces a child to play with the individual components (letters) of a word.

Sight Word Sudoku- Like

The following worksheet helps a child properly write and practice the sight word, like, as well as play a fun game.

To complete this worksheet, fill in the Sudoku grid so that every box, column and row contain the letters, “l”, “i”, “k” & “e”. Make sure the letters only appear one time in each box, column and row.

Click here to obtain additional sight word sudoku puzzles and here to obtain a PDF file of the above sight word sudoku game.

Playing with sight words helps a child automatically recognize them. This is a great activity that compliments a sight word lesson. Playing Sudoku with your child proves that learning can be entertaining!

Sight Word Sudoku – Answer

The answers to the game are noted below.


2 comments… add one
  • the third row has the letter i twice
    the fourth row has the letter 3 twice

    • Thank you for your feedback. We have corrected the answer sheet.


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