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Sight Word Games – Sudoku (Around)

Sight word games provide great opportunities to review previously learned sight words or introduce new ones. Sudoku puzzles reinforce the individual letters that make up a word. The previous sudoku puzzles used four-letter words which are ideal for emergent readers. This sudoku puzzle uses 6 letters which make this puzzle more difficult.

Given the complexities of this game and the typically age of an emergent reader, this is a great exercise to do with your child – work as a team plotting the correct placement of each letter. If your child is a fluent reader, this may be a great exercise to reinforce what letters are in the word, around, and help practice spelling it properly.

Sight Word Sudoku- Around

The following worksheet incorporates the sight word, around. It shows a child how to properly write it and includes a sentence strip to practice writing it properly. It concludes with a challenging Sudoku game. To complete this worksheet, fill in the Sudoku grid so that every box, column and row contain the letters – a, r, o, u, n & d. Make sure the letters only appear once in each row, column and box – there are 18 possible combinations (6 rows, 6 columns and 6 boxes).

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Sight Word Sudoku – Answer

The answers to the sight word sudoku game are noted below.

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