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Sight Word Games – Medium Word Search 1

The word search below incorporates 12 sight words that are among the most common words found in the English language. Some of these words are phonically irregular; they do not follow typically spelling or phonics rules. As a result, a child will need to recognize them automatically and memorize how to spell them.

Sight Words Search

Similar to how we read, most of the words are from left to right (forward). A few (three to be exact) are from top to bottom, run vertically on the word search.

q u g j a z d h i b
y m i o y r w m y t
r e x v y o u v c i
n i p o r q u a z s
b n t r e a d t n o
y q u l r k e j t o
v u h a n d t a s j
o n k f y r t w e l
g b t h e d i e t p
a c q u x u t r o I

Sight Words: I, the, to, and, a, is, it, in, you, on, my & we

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Sight Words Search – Kid Friendly

Using a teacher’s font, we created the word search below. The teacher’s font forms each letter correctly. Many default fonts will present some letters differently, e.g. “I,” “a” & “g.” A child will need to know that these letters are used interchangeably in printed material.

Click here to obtain a PDF of the above sight word search.

Sight Words Search – Answers

We included the answers below just in case you could not locate a sight word.

Playing sight word games helps a child develop a sight word vocabulary a fun atmosphere. Remember keep it fun!

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