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Sight Word Games: Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is another fun game that keeps children active. This classic game can be slightly altered to include sight words and the ABC song to make it both fun and educational.

How to Play Sight Word Musical Chairs

This game is played just like musical chairs except for one twist; a child must recognize the sight word to remain seated. Consider playing the alphabet song or similar songs to increase the educational value.

  • Count the number of children (or adults) participating in the game.
  • Obtain chairs; you will need one less than the number of players.
  • Arrange the chairs in a line, alternating the direction of each chair.
  • Select the person in charge of playing the music.
  • Begin the game by having each player walk around the chairs while the music is playing.
  • When the music stops, each player must race to sit on a chair.
  • Each child must say the sight word located on his chair to remain seated.
  • Any player standing is out of the game. Remember to remove the appropriate number of chairs.
  • Continue the game by playing the music and walking around the chairs.
  • The last player sitting is declared the winner!

Make Sight Word Musical Chairs

Incorporating sight words with the game of musical chairs helps a child develop a sight word vocabulary. Print out the sight words noted below. Cut out each card and tape it to a chair. You could also use sticky notes and write the sight words that are appropriate for your children or students. You could also use our blank template noted below.

Musical Chairs –
Sight Words
Musical Chairs –
Sight Words

Musical Chairs –

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