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Dolch Sight Word Worksheets

Edward William Dolch, Ph.D. compiled a list of commonly used English words that must be learned, so they can be automatically recognized upon sight. He categorized these words into five categories: preprimer, primer, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade.

Dolch Sight Word Worksheets

We created FREE Dolch sight word worksheets to help a child develop a sight word vocabulary. We offer two types of worksheets: sight word soup (fill in the missing letters) and scramble (unscrambled each word). These fun worksheets encourage children to play with the individual components or letters of each word.

Sight Word Worksheet
Sight Words
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Preprimer-Missing-Letters-1Preprimer Missing Letters 1a, and, in, is, it, the, to & you
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Preprimer-Missing-Letters-2Preprimer Missing Letters 2I, can, come, for, here, me, my & we
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Preprimer-Missing-Letters-3Preprimer Missing Letters 3big, go, look, not, play, said, see & up
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Preprimer-Missing-Letters-4Preprimer Missing Letters 4blue, down, help, jump, make, red, run & yellow
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Preprimer-Missing-Letters-5Preprimer Missing Letters 5away, find, funny, little, one, three, two & where
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Preprimer-Scramble-1Preprimer Scramble 1and, in, is, it, the, to & you
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Preprimer-Scramble-2Preprimer Scramble 2 can, come, for, here, me, my & we
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Preprimer-Scramble-3Preprimer Scramble 3 big, go, look, not, play, said, see & up
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Preprimer-Scramble-4Preprimer Scramble 4 blue, down, help, jump, make, red, run & yellow
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Preprimer-Scramble-5Preprimer Scramble 5 away, find, funny, little, one, three, two & where
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Missing-Letters-1Primer Missing Letters 1am, are, at, on, have, that, was & with
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Missing-Letters-2Primer Missing Letters 2be, he, she, no, so, like, yes & this
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Missing-Letters-3Primer Missing Letters 3eat, get, ate, ran, ride, saw, do & did
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Missing-Letters-4Primer Missing Letters 4all, but, what, who, came, too, say & must
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Missing-Letters-5Primer Missing Letters 5there, they, want, went, our, under, out & into
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Missing-Letters-6Primer Missing Letters 6good, new, pretty, please, well, will, soon & now
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Missing-Letters-7Primer Missing Letters 7black, brown, white & four
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Scramble-1Primer Scramble 1am, are, at, on, have, that, was & with
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Scramble-2 Primer Scramble 2be, he, she, no, so, like, yes & this
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Scramble-3 Primer Scramble 3 eat, get, ate, ran, ride, saw, do & did
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Scramble-4 Primer Scramble 4 all, but, what, who, came, too, say & must
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Scramble-5 Primer Scramble 5 there, they, want, went, our, under, out & into
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Scramble-6 Primer Scramble 6good, new, pretty, well, will, soon & now
Sight-Word-Worksheets-Primer-Scramble-7 Primer Scramble 7black, brown, white, four & please

Coming Soon – 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade worksheets

Dolch Pre-primer Sight Word Worksheets

Click on a word to obtain a PDF practice page that focuses specifically on that sight word. Each worksheet encourages a child to trace, write and say the sight word aloud.

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