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Erudition™- the sight words game recieved the following testimonials:

My favorite game for early readers. This game is perfect for my family! I have a 2 year old just learning her letters, a reader at the 1st grade level and one at the 3rd grade level. It is fun for everyone! There are cards for every level (though the oldest has mastered all the cards but still has fun). I love how they all encourage each other in their reading skills. I highly recommend this game to anyone!

By Daphne B “Mother of 2” (


I recommend this game to every parent who would like their child to read and speak well very quickly. Simple and enjoyable to play and it is quality time well spent with our children. Thank you to the person who created this game.

By Learner (


Both my daughter and I were really getting tired of flash cards. Remembering her love for boards games I decided to look on line and see if there were any boards games that had sight words in them. She will get the game for Christmas, but we may use the activity book during her winter break, prior to the holiday. I would recommend the game and plan to write more after we play!

By Val Ford “Val ford” (


Last year, our daughter’s very good Kindergarten teacher showed us the list of 100 “Dolch and Fry” words that she was helping our daughter learn. So I asked for a copy and Googled them.

I found this game in that search, and I am very glad I ordered it. It is a basic board game. Roll the dice, move the piece. The twist is, you get a second roll if you can read a word card. (And of course my daughter reads mine too.) Excellent design. Compelling for the child. The word cards alone make it worth the price. Printed on waxy cardboard. Color-coded by level. My daughter likes to use them as flash cards. Very good practice.

She now easily reads 86 of those 100 words. (And we use the game to help her with the ones she is still learning.)

I give this game five stars, and invite comments if anyone can recommend similar games that will be as helpful for future learning challenges.

By David A. Lance, a very pleased father of a 1st grader (


This is a fun game that my 6 year old, and 3 year old both enjoy equally. I can even join in by adding Trivial Pursuit cards for my turn! It is designed so that even if you do not read the card correctly you still can move spaces on the board. The difficulty levels on the cards match the site words/letters that our children are learning in preschool and 1st grade. I encourage anyone who has children in the learning to read years to purchase this game!

By JSG “Parents in the Grove” (


After reading the terrific reviews of this game, I ordered this for my daughter to move her along with her reading skills. I was surprised at the words on the easiest level cards. Very few of the sight words she knows were included – such as cat, dog, ball, play, mom, dad, etc. (Maybe a few of them were in there, but not many!) She got frustrated that she didn’t know the words, so we ended up playing with the alphabet cards. Those were too easy for her, so she got bored rather quickly. Maybe we’ll try again by modifying the rules to identify the letter (and the phonetic sound) the word starts with. We played this game just once – I hope she’ll want to play it again sometime when her reading skills improve!

Note from the creators of Erudition™: Cat, dog, ball, mom and dad are NOT sight words. Play is a sight word and subsequently, included among the green (easy) sight word cards.
By Savvy Shopper (

Erudition™ recently won the 2010 Teachers’ Choice Award. Here are some comments from the teachers that evaluated the game.

“We played this game nearly every day while we were testing it; I observed different combinations of children playing together. Even after that much use, I do not have any suggestions for improvement.”

“I found this game was wonderful for both my struggling readers and my English as a Second Language learners. These are the students that have to try so hard to read and it was so nice to finally see them enjoy reading. This was a great tool to call back small groups of those students during literacy time.”

“I would certainly recommend this product to other teachers. It is one of those products that really has the students in mind and as a teacher I am always looking for products like that.”

“I was most impressed by the fact that this game was differentiated so that a heterogeneous group of students can all play together. It is so important to remember that all of our students are not the same and they all need different things. The creators of this product had this in mind and I thank them for it.”

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“As a former elementary school teacher with 10+ years of experience, I understand the benefits of mastering high-frequency sight words early on. I also understand how important it is that games to learn sight words keep learning playful, fun and informal so as to encourage a child’s natural “curiosity about language and their experimentation with it.” (Yopp, 1992.) The game itself is colorful, attractive and well-designed. The layout reminded us of a cross between Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders. Since these are two family favorites, my 5 year old couldn’t wait to give it a go! Luckily, the directions were simple, easy to follow, and well articulated. There is nothing worse than telling a small child they will have to wait to play a new game while mom deciphers how!

My son and I played several rounds of the game right in a row, and soon even my 9 and 11 year old sons were joining in. The best part? We could all play, because the game cards are categorized by reading level. Children of different ages and abilities can play together while each working on the skills they personally need to develop – be it letter/sound recognition, word recognition, vocabulary development, word comprehension or even spelling practice. It is easy to see why Erudition™ received the 2009 Creative Toy – Game of the Year Award.”

Elizabeth Wistrom – Former teacher, parent and author at Bright Hub – September 2009

“We have been having a lot of fun with Erudition™ as a family. My 5 year old has declared it to be his favorite game of the summer. That is exciting to me as we are already seeing a lot of improvement in his sight word recall. The game is motivating and effective! My 3 year old is close to having the alphabet cards mastered too – yeah!”

Katie Meyering – Co-founder of ABC & 123: A Learning Cooperative – July 2009

Erudition™ is a game which fosters adult and child interaction as letter sounds, sight words, and sentence building are practiced. The game is colorful, durable, and motivating with its bright game board which replicates a town square and word cards complete with phonetic spellings and word definitions or sound associations.

Mimicking the left to right and top to bottom progression of reading, the game allows two to four players to share in the joy of reading practice by catering to four different levels: beginning sound recognition, and beginning, intermediate, and advanced sight word recognition.

To get the most out of the game, I would recommend it for pre-schoolers and young children who are beginning to understand letter/sound relationships. They will surely benefit from the targeted practice, emphasis on letter sounds, and interaction provided by this game. This game, along with reading aloud to and building a love of books in your children, will form a strong basis for successful reading in years to come.”

Dr. Linda D. Culbertson – Director of Elementary Teaching
Grove City College, PA – January 2009


“Thank you so much for sharing your game, Erudition™, with my Kindergarten class last year. It was a great game to help the children learn their sight words.

Since there are three levels of play, the entire class was able to benefit. It helped my pre readers gain solid knowledge of our Kindergarten sight words and gave them confidence as they became readers. For my advanced students, they were challenged by the more difficult sight words. And they all loved playing the game!

I can’t wait to show it to my new group this year. I’m counting on Erudition™ to have a positive impact on my class learning to read and write sight words. Please let me know when the game becomes available for purchase so I can ask our administrators and/or the PTA to get all of our Kindergarten and First grade classes a game of their own.”

Sue Cunningham – Kindergarten Teacher/Team Leader
Rachel Carson Elementary School, Montgomery County, MD – October 2008


“I used Erudition™ in my classroom as a center. It reached children at various levels and kept them actively engaged in reading and practicing sight words. It was easy, fun and the kids loved to play it.”

Jennifer Mitkowski – Kindergarten Teacher
Little River Elementary School, South Riding, VA -October 2008


Erudition™ is a great tool that I used to reinforce sight word recognition with my kindergarten students. It worked well as a center activity for six students or less, and did not require a great deal of adult preparation or supervision. The game takes approximately 15-20 minutes to play. I found that the students remained engaged, enthused and challenged as they played this educational game. I would recommend this to teachers at all levels.”

Rose Hudson- Kindergarten Teacher
Lenawee Christian School, Adrian, MI -November 2008

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