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Sight Words Flash Cards

Flash cards are inexpensive and quite effective at helping a child develop a sight word vocabulary. Repeated exposure to high frequency words greatly aids in automatic recognition.

Free Printable Flash Cards

We created numerous flash cards to assist your child in developing a sight word vocaulary.

Dolch Sight Words Flash Cards
We created numerous PDF files containing sight word flash cards using Dolch’s five categories: pre-primer, primer, first, second and third grade.

Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards
Using our kindergarten curriculum’s recommended sight words, we created PDF files containing flash cards using 25 high frequency words.

Sight Words Flash Cards Product Review

Sight word flash cards are easy to make but they are also very affordable. Amazon offers numerous ones under $10 (that includes shipping when you take advantage of their FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25).

Sight Words Level A by Trend

Overall, these flash cards are a good product. They are reasonably priced, costing less than $7. The flash cards are durable and Trend selected an ideal font and size. They contain over 90 sight words and several common nouns.

Sight Words by Brighter Child

Overall, these flash cards are also a good product and can be purchased for less than $3. This set is also durable and used an ideal font and size. The flash cards contain 95 sight words and 10 sight word phrases.

Sight Words Flash Cards Instruction

The following is an ideal sight word flash card sesson:

  1. Select several sight words, e.g., 5 – 10.
  2. Prior to the lesson, write each sight word on the index card (or print out our PDF files). Review each card with your child saying the sight word aloud. Then ask your child to say the word with you.
  3. Point to each letter and say its name aloud. Then ask your child to spell the sight word with you.
  4. Ask your child to read the sight word and then write it in their notebook five times.
  5. I like to state the obviously, make sure your child spells the word correctly.
  6. Repeat these steps with the other sight words.
  7. Using the flash cards, review each sight word. Mix up the cards, and “flash” them to your child. If your child struggles with a word, offer assistance.

Every child progresses differently, the number of sight words a child can automatically recognize will vary. Always review previously taught sight words daily and gradually introduce new ones.

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