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Common Regular Verbs

A verb expresses existence, action, or occurrence; it is an action word that tells about a person or thing. Regular verbs form the past tense by adding –d or– ed. Unlike their counter parts, irregular verbs do not follow a pattern when forming the past tense. Dolch sight word list included 92 verbs of which only 24 or about 26% are regular verbs.

Regular Verb Worksheets & Activities

We created these free worksheets to help a child grasp the meaning of regular verbs. We included pictures to help a child connect the word with its meaning. Encourage your child to say the word aloud as he/she writes it.

carry help jump
like look open play
thank wash wish

Common Regular Verbs

The table below lists the regular verbs that Dolch included on his sight word list.

ask jump look please thank want
call laugh open pull try wash
carry like pick start use wish
help live play stop walk work

Sight word activities help a child obtain a sight word vocabulary. They provide practice, repetition and repeated exposure – three key components to automatically recognizing high frequency words.

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