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Sight Words Activities

Automatically recognizing sight words assist a child when learning to read. We created fun sight word activities to assist a child in understanding these words. These activities provide the perfect complement to sight word instruction, they offer fun activities that reinforce previously learned sight words or newly introduced ones.

FREE Sight Words Activities

Sight Word Games
We created a free online concentration game as well as offer many other free games to help a child develop a sight word vocabulary.

Sight Word Worksheets
We created a free worksheets that assist a child in developing a sight word vocabulary.

Sight Word Flash Cards
We created free flashcards to help a child instantly recognize a sight words. We offer three types – dotted lines, bubble print and regular print.

Color Worksheets
Dolch included the following seven colors on his list of 220 sight words: black, blue, brown, green, red, white and yellow. We created fun activities to help a child automatically recognize these words.

Number Worksheets
Dolch’s sight word list contains 9 out of the first 10 numbers. The numbers 1 through 8 and the number 10 are included on his list. We created activities to help reinforce the numbers 1 through 10 as well as other mathematical skills.

Irregular Verbs
Dolch included 92 verbs on his sight word list, which represent 41% of his word list. Interestingly, over half of those verbs are irregular so we created fun activities to help a child comprehend these words (note: we excluded the auxiliary verbs, e.g. am, are, do).

Regular Verbs
Dolch sight word list included 92 verbs of which only 24 or about 26% are regular verbs. We created fun activities to help a child automatically recognize these high frequency words.

Directional and Positional Words
Many of these words are also sight words. We created fun activities that help a child automatically recognize the word and also comprehend its meaning. These exercises are perfect for a child in kindergarten or first grade.

Picture Clues
This worksheet uses pictures of common words to decode sight words. We created fun brain teasers to reinforce the individual components (letters) of sight words. We also show a child how to properly form each letter as well as offer a sentence strip to practice writing each sight word.

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