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Sight Word Books: Meet the Sight Words (Level 1)

This product costs less than $15 and received over 4 stars. It contains 12 small books and the author also includes parental tips that assist a child when learning to read, e.g. point to each word as you read them. They also recommend rewarding your child, e.g. a treasure chest filled with stickers. They are also quick to point out do not push your child if she is not interested in reading.

Meet the Sight Words – Level 1

As stated above, this boxed set contains 12 small books, ranging from 12 to 24 pages. Each book offers some good advice for parents to help them assist their child when learning to read. Here are some highlights of each book:

  • Contains simple sentences,
  • Print and pictures appears in the same location for each book,
  • Repeats high frequency words,
  • Uses colorful pictures,
  • Illustrations provide some support, and
  • Talks about familiar objects and experiences.

Sight Words

This boxed set has the following 16 sight words sprinkled throughout each of the 12 books.

a and for have he
I in is it of
play said that the to

Sight Word Books

The other boxed sets allocated a few sight words per book. This boxed set does not assign sight words to each book but we analyzed each book to ascertain which sight words were most prevalent throughout the story. The titles for the twelve books are listed below as well as any repetitive sight words found in each book.

Title Sight Words *
Jump Rope is, it & to
Play It
School Time in, is, it, the & to
Sharing Day a, have, in, is, it, to & you
The Bike have, is, it, said, the to & you
The Dog a, he & I
The Leaves I, in, play, the, to & you
The Picnic have, is & the
The Rain have, I, in, play, the & you
The Toys said, the, to & you
Water Play have, in, the & you
We Play you

* We selected sight words that were found four or more times in a book.

My initial impression was not very favorable on this boxed set but after I thoroughly looked through each book, I realized these books are filled with many sight words. The author carefully wrote each book to include the above sixteen sight words at least one time in each book (Note: there was one exception). Most of these books content contains at least 80% of sight words; 8 out of 10 words are sight words.

Dolch Sight Words

In addition to the sixteen sight words noted above, some of Dolch’s sight words are found over 100 times throughout this set. They are as follows:

all an are be blue
call can do full go
good has here hot jump
like long me my now
on one out put read
red ride run see she
show start tell them this
too want we what will

Overall the other boxed book sets offer simpler sentences and illustrations that provide a high degree of support. The other boxed set products highlight which words each book is focusing on which is an added benefit. However this product contains an abundant amount of sight words for a child to practice. This book set provides a perfect review for a child that has a sight word vocabulary.

Sight word books help children learn to automatically recognize high frequency words and develop a sight word vocabulary.

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