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Sight Word Books: Bob Books

This product costs less than $17 and received over 4 stars. It contains 10 tiny books (5.5 x 4.25 inches) and 30 flash cards. The flash cards are two-sided; one side contains the sight word and the other contains an illustration from the book as well as a sentence using the sight word.

Bob Books – Kindergarten Sight Words

As stated above, this boxed set contains 10 small books. Here are some highlights of each book:

  • Contains 12 pages with simple sentences,
  • Print appears on the same place on each page,
  • Repeats high frequency words,
  • Uses rudimentary pictures with minimal color,
  • Illustrations provide support,
  • Uses familiar objects and experiences, and
  • Contains useful parental tips.

Sight Words

Each book introduces three sight words. The kindergarten Bob Books series include the following thirty sight words:

a as can did do
down fly get go goes
had has home in is
jump look not off on
over ran saw she some
they to was went who

10 Books

The ten books are listed below along with their applicable sight words.

Title Sight Words
1. Mat Hid ran, saw & to
2. Hop can, jump & on
3. The Jet a, fly & has
4. Who? is, look & who
5. As Big As as, had & was
6. Milk in, not & some
7. She Did It do, did & she
8. Frog Sat get, go & off
9. The Trip over, they & went
10. Sun Sets goes, down & home

This is a good product that helps a child automatically recognize thirty sight words. The flash cards are a great addition and they also offer some great advice on teaching sight words. The only flaw we found in this product is the lack of color; the illustrations could use more color. Perhaps you could “pretend” this is a coloring book and let your child add some much needed color.

Sight word books help children learn to automatically recognize high frequency words and develop a sight word vocabulary.

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