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Sight Word Books

Sight Word Book Sets

Sight Word Readers contain 25 small books filled with simple sentences and fabulous pictures. This product received over 4 stars and costs less than $23. It also includes a small workbook to help reinforce each sight word and provide fun games.

Bob Books (Kindergarten Sight Words) contain 10 tiny books. They cost under $20 and received over 4 stars. This boxed set also includes flash cards, teaching and parental tips to help a child learn to read fluently.

Meet the Sight Words (Level 1) contain 12 small books, ranging from 12 to 24 pages. This book set costs less than $15 and received over 4 stars. The author provides good advice for helping a child learn to read and fills each book with numerous sight words.

FREE Sight Word Books

Farm Animals

Using high frequency words, simple sentences, familiar objects and experiences, we created free sight word books that are ideal for a child developing a sight word vocabulary. Read more…

Sight Word Book Reviews

We analyzed some of the best children’s books to determine their sight word content. Read more

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