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Sight Words Flash Cards Product Review

This sight word flash card set received 4.5 stars and costs less than $3. It contains 48 cards with one sight word on each side; as a result, it incorporates 96 sight words. In addition, 10 cards contain 2 words or a sight word phrase, e.g., he is. These flash cards are sturdy and similar in size (3.25 x 5.25) to an index card. They selected a font that is ideal for an emergent reader.

Flash Cards

Using both Dolch and Fry’s sight word lists, we analyzed the words included in this flash card set. The packaging states there are 54 flash cards of which one contains a note to parents and fun activities so our analysis incorporated 53 cards and revealed the following:

  • Includes 90 Dolch sight words, representing 41% of his list,
  • Includes 1 Dolch noun (time),
  • Includes 4 Fry instant words (each, more, other & than), which are among the top 100 words (Note A),
  • 10 flash cards contain sight word phrases – all these words are included on Dolch’s list, and
  • 1 sight word included 2x (these).

Note A: Many of the 90 Dolch words are also on Fry’s instant word list.

Sight Words

The following sight words are included in this flash card set. They are commonly referred to as high frequency words and can be found on either Dolch or Fry’s sight word list.

a about after again all an
and are ask at ate away
be been before but by call
can come could did do each
eat find first for from get
go good had has have he
her here him his I if
in into is it know like
little long look made make many
may more my no not now
of on once or other out
over said see she some stop
than that the their them then
these they think this time to
two up use was we were
what when which who will

Sight Word Phrases

The following sight word phrases were included on 5 flash cards – one on each side.

can play can run he is I am it is
it was they are we are will go would like

Sight words flash cards assist a child when developing a sight word vocabulary. Overall, this is a good product; it is very affordable and durable. This product also provides a note to parents containing some insight on sight words and parental teaching tips, e.g., begin by using a small amount of flash cards, as well as activities, e.g., nonsense sentences, to keep it fun.

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