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Sight Words Flash Cards

This sight word flash card set received over 4 stars, costs less than $6.50 and contains over 100 words, 108 to be exact. These flash cards are sturdy and similar in size (3 x 5.25) to an index. They judiciously selected an ideal font that is both crisp and clear; it is perfect for a child who is just learning to read.

Flash Cards

Referencing both Dolch and Fry sight word list and instant word list, respectively, these flash cards incorporate numerous high frequency words. After further analysis, this product contains the following mix of words:

  • Includes 91 Dolch sight words, representing 41% of Dolch’s sight word list,
  • Includes 14 Dolch nouns, representing 14% of his nouns list (Note A),
  • Includes 2 Fry instant words (each & other), which are among the top 100 words (Note B), and
  • Includes 1 word (ironically the word is “word”) that is not included on either Dolch or Fry’s high frequency word lists (Note C).

Note A: The following nouns were included in the flash card set: bed, box, car, cat, dog, egg, fish, leg, pig, ring, sun, time, top & toy.

Note B: Many of the 91 Dolch words are also on Fry’s instant word list.

Note C: This word is included on our school’s first grade wall word list.

Overall, this is a good product containing durable index size flash cards. The font is bold, clear and an ideal size. Unfortunately, it does contain one flaw; it includes nouns that are not phonetically irregular. These words should not be taught using traditional sight word instruction but rather phonetic decoding, e.g. /d/, /o/ and /g/ when put together says dog. When you come upon these words, make sure you teach your child how to decode these words properly.

Sight words flash cards help a child develop a sight word vocabulary. This product also offers some teaching tips, e.g., begin by using a small amount of flash cards, as well as activities, e.g., writing sentences, to help a child automatically recognize these words.

Sight Words

The following sight words are included on these flash cards. In addition, these high frequency words are included on either Dolch or Fry’s list.

a all am and are at
ate away be big black blue
brown but came can come did
do down each eat find for
four funny get go good have
he help here I in into
is it like little look make
me must my new no not
now of on one other our
out play pretty ran red ride
run said saw say see she
so soon that the there they
this three to too two under
up want was we well went
what where white who will with
yellow yes you
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