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Collective Nouns

Collective nouns name a certain kind of group or collection of people, animals and things. It is a single unity that contains more than one person, animal or thing. Many times collective nouns replace the person, animal or thing they are naming, e.g., Look at the crowd of people over by the bank, the crowd is going wild.

Examples of Collective Nouns

List of Collective Nouns
academy of scholars
agenda of meeting topics
armada of ships
army of ants or soldiers
array of numbers
association of professionals
assortment of items
audience of listeners
aurora of polar bears
bale of hay or cotton
band of musicians, gorillas or robbers
bank of monitors
barren of mules
bask of crocodiles
batch of biscuits, cookies or bread
bed of clams, flowers, oysters, snakes or vegetables
belt of asteriods
bevy of ladies, quail or swans
block of houses or stamps
board of directors
box of crayons
brood of children or hen
bundle clothes, money or sticks
cabinet of members
cast of actors
cavalcade of horsemen
chain of horsemen
chapter of a book or verse
chest of drawers
chorus of singers
class of students
club of members
clump of dirt, grass or earth
cluster of diamonds, grapes or stars
clutch of chicks
collection of stamps, books, coins or art
colony of ants, artists or writers
committee of people
company of firefighters, soldiers or workers
conglomeration of business
congress of delegates
constellation of stars
convention of professionals
convocation of eagles
corps of marines
council of advisors
couple of people
coven of witches
covey of doves or partridges
crew of sailors
crowd of people
culture of bacteria
deck of cards
draught of fish
drove of cattle
exultation of larks
faculty of teachers
family of people, color or languages
field of racehorses
fleet of ships or cars
flock of believers, birds, sheeps & tourists
flood of compliants, emotion or money
flotilla of ships
flush of ducks
gaggle of geese
galaxy of stars
gang of hoodlums, workmen or friends
groups of things
grove of trees
herd of buffalo, cows or reindeer
hive of bees
horde of gnats or enemies
host of angels
huddle of lawyers
jury of citizens
knot of toads
league of nationseams or
line of people
litter of kittens, pigs or puppies
mob of kangeroos, people or radicals
mound of dirt or earth
multitude of followers
murder of crows
nest of bowls, mice, snakes, spies or vipers
network of computers
pack of dogs, gum, hounds, lies or wolves
pad of paper
panel of experts
parliament of owls
party of diners or fishermen
patch of flowers
peep of chickens
people of a city or nation
pile of things
plague of locusts
pod of whales
portfolio of pictures, stocks or work
posse of deputies
pride of lions
rag of colts
range of mountains
rookery of penguins
school of fish
senate of people
set of dishes or teeth
shelf of books
shock of hair or wheat
slew of homework
sleuth of bears
society of people
spread of food, cattle or horses
squad of cheerleaders or police
stack of paper or pancakes
staff of employees
string of ponies
swarm of bees, flies or reporters
team of athletes or horses
tribe of Indians, natives or people
troop of baboons, kangerroos, police, scouts or soldiers
troupe of performers
union of workers
wave of emotion, insects or water
wealth of information
wing of aircraft

Source: Fry, E.B., Ph.D. & Kress, J.E., Ed.D. (2006). The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists 5th Edition. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass.

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