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Personality Adjectives

Personality is defined as the qualities, e.g., mood and habits, which form a person’s character; it differentiates one person from another (individuality). Personality adjectives describe a person; they answer the question, what kind.

List of Personality Adjectives

The following list contains common adjectives that are often used to describe a person.

Personality Adjectives

aggressive frank perfect
agreeable friendly polite
ambitious funny popular
arrogant fussy powerful
belligerent generous protective
boastful gentle punctual
bossy gifted quiet
brave greedy rude
bright gullible rude
calm hardworking ruthless
careful harmonious sarcastic
charismatic helpful selfish
chatty honest serious
clever ill-mannered shy
clumsy impolite silly
combative inconsiderate sincere
cooperative inflexible smart
courageous instinctive sneaky
cowardly irresponsible stupid
cruel jealous successful
dangerous kind talented
deceitful kind-hearted tender
defiant knowledgeable thoughtful
determined lazy thoughtless
diligent lucky thrifty
disagreeable materialistic timid
dynamic mature truculent
easy mean unbiased
easy-going moody uninterested
enchanting mysterious unkind
enthusiastic nasty unlucky
excited nervous vain
exuberant nice voracious
famous obedient wise
fearless obnoxious witty
flexible odd zany

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