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Learn Your ABCs at the Dinner Table

This post was my daughter’s idea so she deserves all the credit. Last night while my family was eating our dinner, she told us that we should write a post about Ore-Ida ABC Fun Shapes. She proceeded to tell us that children could use the tater tots to learn their ABCs or even practice spelling their name.

Remember to review the shape, name and sound of each letter of the alphabet. She even endorsed the product as she declared they were yummy. Just to be clear, we are not getting any kickbacks from Ore-Ida!

Foods that Promote the Alphabet

Teaching a child the ABCs should be fun. The alphabet song provides the perfect exercise to help a child learn the names of each letter. The following foods can help a child recognize the form and sound of each letter:

  • Spaghetti,
  • Whipped cream,
  • Cheerios,
  • Candy, e.g., M&Ms, Skittles,
  • Alphabet soup, and
  • Condiments, e.g., ketchup.
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