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Kindergarten Word Families

A word family consists of a group of words that share an ending part of a word (rime), e.g. rug, bug & hug. In addition to recognizing rhymes, knowledge of short vowel sounds is crucial when learning to read and spell. Interestingly, short vowel sounds can be the hardest for beginner readers to match to letters.

Word Families

Many reading programs introduce word families in kindergarten as they offer exposure to both short vowels and rhymes. The following word families were introduced to both of my children in kindergarten:

Listed in the order they were introduced.

AT Word Family

bat cat fat hat sat

AN Word Family

can fan man pan ran

AD Word Family

bad dad had mad sad

AP Word Family

cap lap map nap tap

AG Word Family

bag rag sag tag wag

OP Word Family

cop hop mop pop top

OT Word Family

cot dot got hot pot

OG Word Family

dog fog hog jog log

UG Word Family

bug hug jug mug rug

UT Word Family

but cut gut hut nut

UN Word Family

bun fun nun run sun

ET Word Family

get jet let met net

EG Word Family

beg leg Meg peg

EN Word Family

hen Ken men pen ten

IN Word Family

bin fin pin tin win

IT Word Family

bit hit kit pit sit

IG Word Family

big dig jig pig wig

Many of our children were exposed to word families at a very early age through nursery rhymes. In fact, children who enter kindergarten familiar with nursery rhymes tend to learn to read with more ease.

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