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Preschool Graduation Ceremony Again

Yes. It is that time of year when we all celebrate our children’s accomplishments in school. Both of my children regularly exceed my expectations in most areas of their life and receive my praise daily. With that being said, do I subject my husband and son to another preschool graduation ceremony for my daughter?

My daughter will be graduating from preschool this week. She missed the cut-off for kindergarten; as a result she will graduate from preschool again. Last year we made a big affair out of her graduation. This year things are different and I am considering attending the event without my husband and son. Is that unfair to my daughter? Of course I can answer both yes and no to that question.

When I was in school we did not celebrate graduating from each class. In fact, it was expected from me as well as all A’s and perfect attendance (that’s another topic). My family and I would go to Friendly’s for ice cream to celebrate the last day of school – that’s it. So do I ask my husband to take a day off and pull my son out of school to watch her graduate again; or, do I attend the ceremony and make it a special day for her and me?

Another thing to consider is that other children will have both parents and that may make my daughter feel different, possibly less special. I know that is not the case but reality and her perception may not be the same. Sadistically I do believe in depriving my children to a certain extent. I want them to experience disappointment just enough that when it comes their way they can accept it without a major meltdown.

So, back to my dilemma, what should I do about another graduation? I don’t think there is necessarily a wrong answer, but I chose to pull my son out of school and he and I attended the ceremony – my husband went to work as we decided a better use of his vacation day would be to spend it at the beach.

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