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Using Peaceful Words

Peace signcheck-mark-red.jpg Please
check-mark-red.jpg Thank you
check-mark-red.jpg You’re welcome
check-mark-red.jpg I’m sorry
check-mark-red.jpg Excuse me

These five words were prominently displayed in my daughter’s kindergarten classroom. In my opinion, it is extremely important for my children to speak appropriately. This job is shared equally between my husband and me and ranks pretty high. Peaceful or polite words should automatically flow from my children’s mouth when appropriate.

Have you ever been around a child that lacks manners? I had a child over for a play date; she clearly lacked manners. She failed to say thank you after I gave her a drink. In addition, she said give me a drink. It is amazing what the word, please, can do when a child is speaking to an adult. I am not inclined to invite her back to my home for fear my child will begin conversing like her friend. Having manners is extremely important and it starts in the home so teach your children early to use the five phrases above!

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