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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

st-pattys-day-clover.jpg Ireland’s most distinguished national holiday is Saint Patrick’s Day, commonly called St. Paddy’s Day. This holiday honors the missionary who became the patron saint of Ireland. The Irish happily celebrate this day with parades, festive dinners, and dances. The national color of Ireland is green and the favored color on March 17th. Many people wear shamrocks which is the country’s national symbol. According to legend, Saint Patrick explained the concept of the trinity using a shamrock (three leaf clover).

My family loves to celebrate St Patrick’s Day! Conveniently, my daughter’s half birthday falls on March 17th so we fill our day with lots of festive activities. We proudly wear green on St Patrick’s Day. We eat green bagels, green scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. We sing happy half birthday and again eat something green and sweet. Of course, we read one of our favorite books, Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham.

In school, my daughter recently completed a great activity that is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. She counted shamrocks and incorporated the sight words “there”, “was” and “were”. Draw a shamrock (draw 3 hearts) and write, “There was one shamrock.” Draw two shamrocks and write, “There were two shamrocks.” Continue until your child or you get bored!

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