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Helpful Homework Tips

Homework assists your child by reinforcing both new and previously learned skills. Homework also informs a parent about what their child is currently learning in school. Your child should be responsible for the completion and timely delivery of their homework assignments. Our school provided us with suggestions for helping our second grader meet homework expectations:

Empower your child with organizational skills.

They recommend having a designated place where all materials to be taken to school are placed (e.g. box or basket).

I created homework folders for each child and put them on their homework table, which quickly became cluttered. I then purchased this plastic wall organizer and nailed it to the inside of our coat closet. If you do not have issues about putting a nail into a closet door, this is a great way to organize your child’s homework assignments without cluttering a room with papers.

My children place all homework assignments in these bins (completed and uncompleted). Every morning when they obtain their jackets and shoes they check their folders.

Assist your child in establishing a routine.

Assist your child in determining where and when homework is to be completed.

We have a children’s table with two chairs in our kitchen. We also have this pencil holder on the table which contains sticky notes, pencils, scissors and glue (crayons and markers are close by in a drawer). These are the tools both of my children need to complete their homework. Having these tools readily available, allows my children to complete their homework efficiently.

My children prefer to go outside and play right after school. They typically complete their homework in the evening; while I am getting dinner ready. This works best for our family but it may not for another.

Encourage your child to work independently.

Parents should not volunteer to assist their child in completing homework assignments. Rather, parents should wait until the child requests help. If your child needs assistance, reread the directions and do an example together. If your child is struggling with their homework assignments, contact their teacher.

Prevent parental intervention.

This is probably the most difficult task for me as I want to shield my children from mistakes and promote their success. What mother wouldn’t? However, our school recommends not delivering homework to your child’s school when he forgets to turn it in timely. They want a child to experience the consequences of his actions.

I remember my son forgetting to bring in his library book and he was very upset with me. At the time, I made sure his book bag contained all necessary items for school (homework, lunch, library book, etc.). I apologized to him and made a few changes to our morning rituals. Now both of my children are responsible for all items that need to be taken to school. I assist by offering feedback about their day (e.g. today is library day).

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