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Teacher Interviews Child for Parent Conferences

Teacher Interviews Child for Parent Conferences

Our daughter’s teacher gave us the answers to her interview with our daughter at the parent teacher conference. It was an ice breaker that allowed all of us to get to know the person we are about to talk about. I highly recommend kindergarten and first grade teachers to perform this activity with their students prior to parent conferences.

Questions to Ask During Interview

The teacher asks the following questions:

  1. What do you like about school?
  2. Anything else?
  3. What don’t you like about school?
  4. Do you have friends at school?
  5. Who are they?
  6. What books have you read that you liked?
  7. What have you learned so far in kindergarten?
  8. What are you good at?
  9. What are you still trying to learn?

Both my husband and I enjoyed reading the answers to her interview. It’s a great way for her to communicate with us as well as her teacher about her school year. Where as, our second grade son wrote a letter. She currently does not possess the skills needed to write a detail letter about her school days as well as progression. This is a great activity that teachers, students and parents should all enjoy. For a PDF file containing the kindergarten interview for parent-teacher conference.

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