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Kindergarten Sight Words

Many kindergarten reading programs contain a word study component that places emphasis on reading and writing simple high-frequency words. Our kindergarten reading program provides a list of 25 high frequency words that a child should read by the end of the school year.

I am see a can
we in the and go
to like said you is
it here come up this
my look at me on

The above words are a great starting point when developing a sight word vocabulary. It is recommended to teach irregular words that appear frequently in printed material, e.g., the, you. Dolch included the above sight words on his pre-primer (20 words) and primer (5 words) list and most of these words are among Fry’s most common words which represent 50% of printed material.

Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets

These worksheets provide the perfect exercise to assist a child in developing a sight word vocabulary. Begin with two sight words,e.g., I & am. Gradually introduce new sight words. The number of words to teach a child will depend upon the child so begin with two sight words and increase if necessary. Remember to review previously learned words every day.

Sight Word Worksheets Sight Word Worksheets
1. Sight Words – I & Am 2. Sight Words – A & See
3. Sight Words – Can & We 4. Sight Words – The & In
5. Sight Words – And & Go 6. Sight Words – To & Like
7. Sight Words – Said 8. Sight Words – You & Is
9. Sight Words – It & Here 10. Sight Words – Come & Up
11. Sight Words – This & My 12. Sight Words – Look & At
13. Sight Words – Me & On

Ideally the above worksheets should be completed in sequential order because they use sentences that practice previously learned sight words.

Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards

Sight word flash cards greatly assisted both of my children when they were developing a sight word vicabulary. Repetition is critical when learning something new. Read more …

Kindergarten Sight Words List

Our school provided additional sight words. They recommend mastering the first 25 before proceeding to the next 25 words. In fact, they grouped the sight words into 4 groups of 25. As noted below, we categorized the 100 sight words in alphabetical order, by level of difficulty and parts of speech.

Kindergarten Sight Word Books

Both of my children developed a sight word vocabulary using fun sight word games, worksheets, flashcards and books.

Sight Word Readers includes 25 small books (8 pages). These books are perfect for a kindergartener; they contain simple sentences, familiar objects and experiences, and high frequency words. In fact, they include all but two of the above sight words.

Each book focuses on two sight words. They also provide before, during and after reading strategies. In addition, this product comes with a write-and-learn workbook. This workbook contains suggestions on how to teach each sight word and exercises to practice writing and reading each one. It costs $14.95 and received 4.5 stars. My family and I think this is a great product with one caveat – the workbook (5½ x 5½ inches) could be a little bigger but this should not be a show stopper.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is another great book that uses repetition and simple sentences to help a child learn sight words. My daughter especially loved this book. We read this book so many times, she could recite the entire book without opening it. This book received 5 stars and costs $8.99.

You do not need to spend money. If things are tight, which they are for most of us, visit your local library or use books you already own but play I spy. For example, if you just introduced the sight words, I & am, look for those words in a book, newspaper or magazine or consider creating your own book.

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