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Back to School Night – 1st Grade


It’s that time of year again when we visit our child’s classroom and obtain pertinent information from their teacher. While I was inundated with valuable information, my two takeaways were sound spelling and wall words.

At this level, children are expected to sound out words. No grades will be assessed in the first quarter on spelling to encourage children to sound out words when writing. In addition, a child may read at a high level but until their writing matches their reading level they will be stalled at their current writing level until it matches their reading level.

Which leads to my next point, a child should spell wall words correctly. At the beginning of first grade, children are expected to spell the wall words correctly in their writing assignments.

The following words wall should be spelled correctly:

a at am and can go here I in like look me my on said the up we you

In addition, the following five wall words were being review this week: is, to, this, that & of.

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