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Halloween Candy Makes Perfect Patterns

My family loves Halloween night! We equally enjoyed trick-or-treating with our friends as well as handing out candy. We split our evening spending one hour gathering candy and the other hour handing it out.

Halloween Candy Makes Perfect Patterns

My son loves to sort his candy. Of course, seeing him sort all his Halloween candy gave me a great idea – have my daughter create patterns using her Halloween candy. My daughter smiled the entire time while she chose her items to make the patterns and then again as she made her patterns. She made the following patterns ABABAB, ABBABBA, ABCABC and AABAAB using Hersey’s, Reese’s and KitKat candy bars.

Unit one of our kindergarten math curriculum focused on patterns; my daughter must possess the ability to identify, describe, extend and create patterns using concrete objects. It appears she has mastered this particular math skill especially when Halloween candy is involved!

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