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Halloween Games – Sudoku

Everyone loves playing games. If you are looking for a Halloween activity that’s both educational and fun, look no further! Sudoku puzzles are perfect for a classroom Halloween party or to have a child fill in upon completion of his school work.

Halloween Games – 4 Letter Sudoku Puzzles

The following Sudoku games are easy to complete. They use only 4 letters making it a good exercise for a child in kindergarten or first grade. In addition, we also show a child how to properly form the letters in the words, cat and bat, and include a sentence strip to practice writing the word a few times. Fill in the Sudoku grid so that every row, column and box contain the letters, “c” or “b”, “a”, “t” & “s”. Make sure the letters appear only one time in each row, column and box. Please note: there are twelve possible combinations of the words bats & cats – 4 groups for each box, column and row.

Halloween Games – 6 Letter Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku games using 6 letters are more difficult to complete compared to the 4 letter puzzles. If your child or student struggles, offer assistance and teach them any tricks you may know on how to solve this puzzle.


Halloween is such a festive holiday filled with parades, parties and a lot of candy. Playing Halloween games are fun activities to do at any party!

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