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Kindle Review

Kindle Review

We purchased a Kindle for our 9 year old son and he absolutely loves it! We selected the Kindle Touch because we wanted this to be about reading books and not playing games. We also have Wi-Fi capabilities so we did not need to pay a premium to obtain the 3G version. Once we determined our desires, it was easy to identify which product met our needs.

Kindle Comparison

The table below provides a comparison of each kindle product to help you decide which product suites your needs.

Product Display
Price Network
# of
Kindle E-ink (B&W) $79* or $109 Wi-Fi 6” 1,400 2 GB
Kindle Touch E-ink (B&W) $99* or $139 Wi-Fi 6” 3,000 4 GB
Kindle Touch 3G E-ink (B&W) $149* or $189 3G/Wi-Fi 6” 3,000 4 GB
Kindle Keyboard E-ink (B&W) $139* or $189 3G/Wi-Fi 6” 3,500 4 GB
Kindle DX E-ink (B&W) $378 3G 9.7” 3,500 4 GB
Kindle Fire LCD (Color) $199 Wi-Fi 7” A lot** 8 GB

*Special pricing available if you opt to allow advertising on your device.
**80 apps plus either 10 movies or 800 songs or 6,000 books (This is a multimedia device).

Kindle Features

The Kindle product line offers over 1 million books, newspapers, and magazines. In addition, you can borrow books from your local library without leaving your home. Below please find some additional Kindle features.

You can save $30 to $50 on certain Kindle products by opting to receive special offers via your Kindle’s screensaver or at the bottom of the home screen. It is important to note, these special offers do not interrupt your reading.

The E Ink screen reads just like a newspaper, with no glare. The LCD (available only with the Kindle fire) offers a vibrant color touch screen with high resolution. In addition, similar to the iPad (but a fraction of the price) the Kindle Fire allows for extra-wide viewing so you can share the screen with another person.

If you already have a high-speed connection and a wireless router, the Wi-Fi model is ideal. However, if you do not have these capabilities or travel a lot, the 3G version may be more appealing which operates using the same wireless signals as cell phones.

Web Browsing
The Kindle Fire offers ultra-fast web browsing via Amazon Silk. In addition, the other Kindle products feature a free experimental web browser (WebKit).

Other Features
Free cloud storage is available for all Amazon content. In addition, the Kindle batteries have a long life, ranging from 3 weeks to 2 months. The Kindle Fire offers either 8 hours of continuous reading or a slightly less amount of time for video playback (7.5 hours).

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