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1st Grade Writing

\"\"First graders should have lots of opportunities to practice writing; they should write for self-expression, e.g., personal journal entries and for practical purposes, e.g., to inform or persuade. Many curriculums introduce the writing process; as a result, students begin to make revisions and edits to their writing.

First graders continue to make progress with their handwriting. It is important that a child is holding a pencil correctly, begins to form letters in the conventional way and has good posture. We offer free handwriting worksheets to help your child meet these milestones.

Your child will mostly likely be taught to use an index finger to put a space between words and keep letter within a word close together. Some curriculums may introduce punctuation and capitalization.

Spelling is a component of the first grade writing program. While inventive spelling is still used, there should be some logic when a child attempts to spell a word. Students are expected to spell high frequency words correctly as well as previously taught phonetic words.