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Halloween Activities, Games & Recipes

Every year on the 31st of October, many people participate in Halloween festivities. We dress up and attend parties, decorate our home, consume yummy treats and play fun games. What more can we ask for in a holiday?

Halloween Ideas

My children love this holiday; they love dressing up (kid-friendly costumes only), receiving and giving candy, attending fun parties and eating yummy treats!


Halloween Activities & Games


Halloween Recipes

This year we took Halloween booing to a whole new level and decided to boo our good friends with some edible ghosts neatly placed in an edible family friendly graveyard. My entire family enjoyed this activity – the best part was booing our friends with this delicious treat. Gooey Ghost Recipe While at the library, [...]

Many people participate in Halloween festivities; they decorate their homes with pumpkins, bats and spider webs. They dress up and attend parties and the festivities end on the 31st of October, when they take to the streets to trick-or-treat. Activities and projects assist a child when learning new material and can help reinforce what he [...]

We created an easy word search that combines both Halloween items and word families – quite a combination. Point out which words rhymes and generate additional ones, e.g. mat, sat, that, you, do & to. Using these words, make up silly sentences. Kid Friendly Halloween Word Search The word search below uses a teacher’s font [...]

Much anticipation surrounds the hours prior to the start of trick or treating. This is truly a child’s event – an evening filled with collecting goodies from neighbors. We offer some safety tips to make sure the evening stays fun and festive. We’re going to state the obvious, sometimes we need these simple reminders. Safety [...]

Halloween began over 2,000 years ago and it certainly has evolved for the better over the years! Origin of Halloween A group of people called the Celts lived in Europe, specifically England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and northern France. The Celts worshipped more than one god, e.g., Samhain. They believed that this god called dead people [...]

It’s that time of year when it’s actually okay to doorbell ditch (aka ding dong ditch) your neighbor. Of course, it comes with a price; you must leave a Halloween goodie basket filled with treats, a note and a friendly ghost. This is a great tradition to either start in your neighborhood or continue the [...]