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How to Learn the Alphabet?

How-to-Learn-the-alphabetLearning the alphabet occurs gradually, it typically begins in preschool when a child learns the alphabet song and concludes in the latter elementary years when a child masters cursive and knowledge of all the letter-sound relationships.

Learning the Alphabet

Learning the alphabet can be a complex process and typically takes a few years to complete. Every child progresses differently. Below are the milestones by grade.

Milestone Grade
Sing the alphabet song Preschool
Recognize name in print Preschool
Learn the name of the letters in your first name
(Visit our letter activities post for some great ideas.)
Write some of the letters in your name Preschool
Learn the names of all the letters Kindergarten
Recognize and identify all upper- and lowercase letters Kindergarten
Write your name using both upper- and lowercase letters Kindergarten
Learn the most common letter sounds Kindergarten
Quickly and fluently identify all upper- and lower case letters First Grade
Know the common sound of each letter First Grade
Learn long vowel sounds First Grade
Position words in alphabetical order First Grade
Form upper- and lowercase letters properly
We offer handwriting advice and free handwriting worksheets.)
First Grade
Proper use of upper- and lowercase letters (see
capitalization rules – some rules taught in 3rd & 4th)
Second Grade
Writes quickly and correctly Second Grade
Learn the complex letter-sound relationships Second Grade
Quickly and fluently recognizes letter-sound relationships Third Grade
Learn cursive letter formation Third Grade
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